Patrick    "P-Rod"    Rodriguez


Genres:  Hip Hop/ RnB/ Jazz/ Reaggeaton 

Patrick LeRon Rodriguez (born May 24,  known professionally as P Rod (also known as P!, P Rezzy, Veteran Statice, is an American Record Producer and DJ.

He was then raised in Houston TX, before moving to San Deigo, during his Military years. He attended Sam Houston, Booker T Washington and M.B. Smiley High Schools, And then later At Texas Southern University  where he honed his musical skills in the Marching bands.

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Musical Career

P Rod, is an American record producer and DJ Born: May 24, Houston, TX Also known as: P, P-Rod, P-Rezzy, PushaBeatz.


Music Groups:  Zro, Big Mike, Slim thug, ESG, Paul Wall, Lil KeKe ,Big Hawk, K-Rino, Mr CAP, Billy Cook, KIm Burell, Katthy Burell, Kamillionair, Gorge Clinton, Brian McKnight, Tim Minor, Ivy Shades, The Clips, Fith Ward Webbie, Miss Tee, Joey Montanna, Ms. Toi, Pimp C, 5th Ward Boyz, Lil Flip, D Block, Jadakiss, Skip UTP, MO Thug Family, Meda G, Sensi Mia, Mz. Xotic, Erica Aran, Randy Razz, Papa Rue, Kat St. James, Cl'Che, Douggie D, Showtime, T Lee, Jahmie, Mr. 32, Too Short, Young Guns Dark Side Cartel, Crest Mob, Brook Ashley, Tanisha Boiett, Desiree Mckinney, Heather Elaine, and many more...

Education: Sam Houston High School, Booker T Washington, M.B Smiley, Summer Jazz Workshop, Texas Southern University , where he honed his musical Skills and he played Tuba and sax also performed with the Marching and Jazz band under Mr.Sam Harris and Conrad Johnson.

P-Rods style of production epitomizes the Down South Sound of his earlier peers. He is known for Playing jazz, funk, and soul artists, as well as sampling an artist's past work when creating a new track for artist. But mostly original work is his Lane. By uses an abstract way or producing he brings out a a side of producing that requires vocals as part of the track leaving the artist to be one with the track. later he added rapper, record executive, creative director and fashion designer to his professions. He received recognition for his work in  Houston Tx.



2004 - G.I.N "Stright Out the Bottle"

2005 - Zro "Welcome to Scewston" 

2006 - Zro "Bad Ass" Mixtape 1
2006 - Big Hawk  "Bad Ass" Mixtape 3
2007 - Dark Side Cartel "44 Acres Home"
2008 - Crest Mob "The Gang Paper The Only Option"

2016 - Ivy Shades "Madam Chronicles"
2016 - Meda G "Gifted Curse"

2017 - Erica Aran "Selfie"

2018 - Blacksidkcans "Get the F Way"
2018 - Mr. CAP "Today Was A Great Day"

2019 - Heather Elaine "Heather Elaine"
2019 - Enjoli "Snactch Queen Pull Up"
2019 - Rengo Laban DE Rumba
2019 - Desiree Mckinney "Desiree Mckinney"

2019 - Tanisha Boiett "Hurt Him"

2019 - Brook Ashley "Gangstafied Princess"

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